15-Year-OldGirl Suffering from Mysterious Urine Disease, The Mother Started to Stumble Upon theThrone forHer Treatment.

A girl named Fatima is suffering from a urine disease from birth in which her bladder has deformed, at first the mother thought that this was some kind of weakness but later it turned out to be a false bladder. Fatima is under treatment from her birth. Her mother took her to Services Hospital Lahore for treatment first. There she had three different type of operations with no improvement. The mother took her to Sheikh Zaid Hospital there she had more operations but things only got worse. The girl has had 7 operations, the mother said her daughter has had treatment from every government and private hospitals of Lahore but there is no improvement in her situation. The mother said that she has been treated very badly by the hospital staff and doctors. Fatima has walking disability. She and her mother went to Karachi to see a board of doctors where she was treated with rude attitude and the doctors showed no support. Different doctors have miss leaded her to different treatments but there is no improvement. The parents of Fatima are very poor and they cannot afford the expenses of her medications and diapers. Fatima’s expenses have outrun her parent’s income resources and they are falling in debt. They have no rent for the house they live in, no money to pay bills and they are struggling very much. Fatima studies in 6 class and wants to become a doctor, Fatima says that it is very difficult to study in this situation, she has to go home three times to change her diaper within school hours. In the end the mother asked for help from government and citizen of Pakistan. Her number is 0321-2862207. She said the estimated expense of her treatment is 80 lac pkr.


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