A heart-breaking story of 13-year-old rape victim who became a mother

This incident happened in Rawalpindi where a 13-year-oldgirl Ariba Khalid was raped by four men. One of them was the age of her grandparent (58) and was like a big brother to his father. She was raped and threatened by them that if she talks about it, she, her father, her bother will be murdered by them. Afraid of her family getting murdered by the guilty party the victim kept all the pain, fear, suffering to herself.The victim’s mother had died and this incident came into the knowledge of her father 6 months in pregnancy. This was a great shock to him and as the story spread the people of their society instead of helping him to get justice for his daughter started aspersing about the character of his daughter. When the society showed its ugly side, the poor man stopped going out because people were too insulting to him.This incident came into the knowledge of a social worker Ibrahim Butt who help the poor man getting the justice for his daughter and putting the culprits behind the bars of jail. The culprits are now in Adiala jail waiting for the judgement. The police officers showed great support to the poor old man and took the case in hand like their own daughter. It took two months of aspersing and requesting for help just to put the culprits behind the bars. The victim gave birth to a baby girl in the care of Child Protection Bureau. Question still stands will the law of Pakistan be able to give justice to the poor old man and her daughter or it will just be like every other case where the culprits get away with their crimes.


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