A Nurse Suicided In Mayo Hospital

Mayo hospital is one of the biggest and the oldest hospitals of Lahore. It is one of best medical institution of Asia, thousands of students study there.Recently it has been on the lips of people that the suicide cases in medical students are rising dramatically and that the authorities should take notice of it. A dead body has been found in the nursing hostel of Meo Hospital Lahore. The dead body is said to be of a nurse. When people found out about this, the news spread rapidly. After getting the notification the Police turned up in big numbers of staff. The police have taken the dead body in custody, and took control of the place of the incident and the investigation has already been started. The name of the dead body is said to be Samina. She is the citizen of Rawalpindi. According to Police some injections have been recovered near the dead body. According to police the case will be solved soon.

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