After COVID-19 is Cryptocurrency holders winner or losers?

Bitcoin placed as heaven for investor after COVID-19 pandemic where stock markets to airlines collapse but crypto market holds they value. The bitcoin halving playing vital role as halving only 2 week ahead.  Investors ready to put their capital into Bitcoin instead of altcoin after halving.


The crypto exchangers  around the world dealing cryptocurrency will be winner. Recent drop of price where bulls and bears fighting will decide next price of bitcoin. The investors and fund raiser for blockchains will be winner after this pandemic crisis. Altcoins have effect due to pandemic where its already effect the entire world. Where bitcoin and big altcoin recovered from this pandemic but small altcoin might be died soon.  in 2017 of crypto  bullaun lowest altcoin have 100% more value compare today.





Some altcoin suffering badly as their coin price drop and their capital effects. Anyone doing day to day trading during this pandemic without experience and proper knowledge will face big loss. The experienced traders playing very well in this situation and earning good profit but for beginners who never trade before result will be bad end. Those able to survive in current situation without going bankrupt and have goof financial position will come with good return once world will be normal.






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