New heights of bitcoin and crypto in 2021?

Bitcoin Ethereum is really returning to the whole crypto market. We are ready for new all-time highs. Today we have a few percent one man. He likes it. At least of course there are emotions around social media today.



But I would like to say that we are not out. The bitcoin is still in a downward trend so let’s not count our chicks before they hatch. Are also talking about We’re back to the 200 day Expansional Moving Average of Colombia for bitcoin. It’s a good thing. It seems to be a key line for us to reclaim. Of course now we have to stay above the 200 day Emma. Needless to say, we have now claimed again that if you ask the truth you can see some very bad volume here.

Obviously we have a huge increase in the sale off but these two bars actually represent some good volume for buybacks and at the same time people are rushing to buy bitcoins for less than fifty thousand dollars. He bought a bitcoin for less than a dollar.  Did you know that I was one of the people there? Got about ً 47,000. Two days ago I bought something else. 47,500 or like yesterday, don’t buy a bit of bitcoin. It’s better to keep it in your stock. Less than 50k Of course now we are back to more than 50k. Winning again, whatever it looks like, now I want to talk about this general trend in the market here, let’s go ahead and rearrange the scale there so that we can see what the context of this big sale is.





What I did was we just found out that it is. It is unbelievable to see this kind of movement in the market where the price was only three weeks ago in mid-November and we are 38 down at the bottom of the sell off the next day. Of course now we are backing up more. The Light Range is only 25% off all-time highs but what this big sale really did on a technical level did it destroy the market structure. In fact, it’s very interesting, so we have less here, then we have it. Got back in July, then here we have our highs and lows in August, we have more than one high August which is more than one in September to July and where this latest sale takes us.

From the bottom oh there is another ups and downs to the right so keep the momentum here in the charts. Keep the bitcoin momentum. It shows that the market is still up. We want to give you a good idea of the address. That the market is moving forward though it is a bullish thing but until we cross this trend line the bitcoin is in a downward trend. I know it feels good to see a little bit.


The green in the market gives you a gift like oh gosh we are going to make it. Things are going to feel good after a big sale like we had the other day especially if you put these things in the market. Are new It can be awful. They can shake you. I got it but don’t be satisfied here and you start to know how to do any crazy things.



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