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Group in Islamabad played dirty tricks in Bakery

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A group of four boys and one girl catch in viral video in Islamabad where they play a dirty trick to avoid food bill.

Loafology Bakery and Café, and Petit Brugge seen group of four in CCTV footage according to bakery staff in facebook post. “A group of three men had come to the cafe on Monday (February 10),” Owais, Loafology Bakery and Café’s senior server, told SAMAA Digital.


“They were apparently waiting for someone. “After a while, a woman entered and one of the three men joined her at a separate table,” Owais said. “Both groups ordered food and after they were done eating the man dining with the woman told me that he would come back after dropping her off.


” “They had a silver Honda Civic (2002 model),” Owais said. It had a Lahore number plate which was half broken.

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