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Mufti Abdul Qawi Secretly Got Married, Told Everybody Himself

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According to journalist Mubashir Luqman, while talking on the topic of Nikah Mufti Abdul Qawi told that he himself has made nikah with a woman 40 days ago.

The nikah was held after the consent of the woman. While talking about it he said, our Islam has made nikah very easy for us, that is why I just asked the woman I wanted to marry about her consent andthat’s it. I ask her that I want to marry you and she replied in yes.

After that we made Nikah without announcing it to anybody. After that he told that she belongs to a very respectable family of Islamabad and she is a very noble person. After that he said that I have children so does she but we haven’t told them yet about this.

He told that we both have taken this decision ourselves and we are proud of this because we haven’t done anything wrong. He told when he used to go to Islamabad before the Nikah he used to stay at hotel but now he stays at his wife’s house.

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