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Plagues Are Not Torment

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Once upon a time, there was a plague outbreak in Syria while the army of the Islamic state was in Homs city of Syria.

The Khalif Hazrat Umar Farooq was coming to visit Syria, he was at the border of Syria when he found out about the outbreak. He decided to go back to Madinah, while he was turning for Madinah the commander of the army came from Homs to meet him. He asked are you running from death? Khalif Umar replied, “No, Muhammad (PBUH) had said if there is a plague outbreak in an area don’t go in it”.

Khalif asked his commander to come along him to Madinah and save himself, but he said I am not leaving my army in this situation and went back to Homs where he died of the plague.

This is our belief that life and death are in the hands of Allah, the question is raised why Hazrat Umar went back to Madinah? If it was his time of death it would have come in Madinah, nothing could have saved him from that.

That is because protecting own life Is one’s biggest duty in Islam.

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