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I Will Not Make Videos With Anyone, Harim Shah.

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Harim shah has given an interview to a private channel in which has announced that she will not be making videos anymore, she has given up all the activities which she used to do in recent past. While talking to anchor she said my wrong image has always been projected to the public, I am not like that.When the anchor asked are you feeling calm after leaving all this and going on the right path, she said I have always been on the right path, I do say prayers and I do read Quran. Then the anchor asked how did she feel about leaking the private videos of people? She replied saying that I have never leaked anybody’s video If the videos got leaked it wasn’t from my side. The host asked who are these people who have persuaded you to change your mind? On which she replied that all the people that have come into my life, they have taught me well.


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