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Bright Side Of Coronavirus

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The whole world is galvanized by the coronavirus, whole countries have been shut down, factories, flights, import-export, everything is shut. People are advised to stay at home to protect themselves and their family. The economy of the whole world is facing its worst time. According to WHO 90% of people breath in polluted air, over 4 hundred thousand people die due to polluted air. The whole world is facing a major environment change due to this pollution. The temperatures are rising causing ice caps to melt, due to that sea level is rising, the weather is becoming harsher, heavy rain causing floods and storms.
Due to coronavirus cars, plans, factories are closed in most countries cause the carbon footprint to go down dramatically. NASA has shared satellite images in which it can clearly be seen that the air is much cleaner in china and Italy then it was before the coronavirus. Clean air is very beneficial for humans and animals. Till we find a way to fight this virus, things will be getting better atmospherically, basically, the coronavirus has turned out to be a vaccine for the earth.

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