Are Chinese People Accepting Islam Due to Corona Virus?

A video went viral in recent days in which many people are accepting the Islam and it was told the video was from china where the people were becoming Muslims due to corona virus, because the impression is being given that the Muslims are not affected by the corona virus.

But all the story was proved wrong when because it turned out that the video was from the start of 2019 and the corona virus started in the end of 2019 from the city of Wuhan China.

The video has been watched more than 1900 times after it was posted in 13 feb,2020. In the video it can be seen that many people are starting a line with their right hand in the air with their pointer finger bringing faith on Islam, they are repeating sentences which are being recited in a micro phone by a man.

An Indonesian user posted the video on his Facebook account with the caption that the video was from a Chinese news channel and that after it was proved that the virus was not affecting Muslims, over 20,000,000 Chinese have accepted Islam, Allah is the greatest, Thanks God for the blessings of Islam.

Thousands of people watched the video on the Facebook as well as on YouTube.The video was also being share in Malaysia with the same claim.But all this was proved to be a lie when the people found out that video was older than the virus outbreak.



Posted by Ahmad Erandio on Sunday, May 26, 2019

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