Binance scheduled maintenance effects on Bitcoin(BTC) Price

Binance known as largest cryptocurrency exchange on regular maintenance and system up gradation which will open new doors for external investors to manipulate market prices and result will be not in favor of binance traders. Its important for every Binance user that during the all system upgradations Binance keep offering Future and options trading.





he upgrade which is scheduled to last up to 4 hours will see basic transactions such as savings, withdrawals, P2P trading, margin, spots, savings redemption, and asset transfers from sub-accounts halted. Biance on every upgrade offer thirty minutes to every traders to close their current trade or they can put stoploss.
The Binance upgrade which mostly remain for four hours, play large role for external players to control the market. We expected great manipulation due to Binance upgradation just seventeen days prior to Bitcoin(BTC) halving. ٫The official announcement by Binance help users to move their funds and stay responsible.  Hence experts says current situation will fluctuate market.



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