Bitcoin Halving spike on Social Media and Mainstream Media

Its three week to Bitcoin halving  and media again trying to dominate media coverage on social media over Coronavirus as leading Bitcoin narrative on twitter. The latest twitter discussion on trend Halving ranked 9th position on most discuss trends on twitter related to Bitcoin future.


While Discussion related to Gold first time low in history. Crypto analyst Mati Greenspan told Coin telegraph: “The virus along with the current economic situation has completely drowned out all conversation about the halving event. ”Following halving for Bitcoin  the discussion on social media is doubled and most popular topic is Bitcoin on Twitter. The mainstream media also giving coverage to upcoming halving during month of April, which contribute huge activity.



The latest data showed by TheTIE co-founder, Joshua Frank, that halving  overtook the gold in February and become treeing story in month of March. But the coverage of Halving eaten by Coronavirus coverage on social media and mainstream media. He said: What we can see that beginning in March Coronavirus became the dominant narrative mentioned alongside Bitcoin, but more recently mentions of the Coronavirus have started to fall as the Halving has started to gain a ton of momentum. ” The data said that ETH forthcoming ETH . 20 gain some ground until the march when crypto market crash, but now its on moment of recovery. The TIE updates every 350 milliseconds, and examines 850 million tweets concerning over 450 cryptocurrencies daily.


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