Bitcoin(BTC) hit april high expected more before Halving

Bitcoin (BTC) price on highest level in more than a month on Thursday morning,  where Market have sign of more bullish trend will continue. The price surged to double if compare with early March prices. While other cryptocurrencies also seen little uptrend with Bitcoin(BTC).


The Chinese bank known as Bank of China announce list of all companies to list national cryptocurrency of China. Mcdonald, Starbucks and Subway  start payment method in crypto since official date still under the table. Digital currency already used on large level in China where Alipay product of Alibaba used by most of citizen with mobile banking. The nigeria based app backed by crypto exchange Binance offer poeple of Africa to exchange money using cryptocurrencies. The app allow users to send, receive, store their bitcoin(BTC) and other altcoins in BTC or Nigerian Naira.
The people of America using government fund of 1200$ on utility bills, essential things but some using full amount to buy Bitcoin(BTC). Coin base confirmed that number of 1200$ deposit to buy Crypto higher since last week. The federal reserve taking measures  to restore the economy Tether the dollar backed cryptocurrency seen uptrend in overall volume The next 3 weeks very important as Bitcoin(BTC) halving announced on 12th may as expected price will up.




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