Bitcoin (BTC) Price after halving predict by Crypto YouTubers’

The Bitcoin Halving going to take place on 18 may 2020,  which make sense that in next seventeen days we will see bullish run.  Meanwhile American president Donald Trump allocated 484% bailout package for United State of America to fight COVID- 19, package will use for hospital, medical clinics and small bushiness. Traders and youtubers discuss Bitcoin halving and United state economy and predict that in future  that USD will reach all time high.

The monetary velocity is all time low. This simply indicate that USD deflation on way۔ Furthermore once lockdown end in United states and life become normal people will spend more dollar on that is point to where inflation will begin. Christopher Jaszczynski also shares a table with the performance of BTC compared to the USD, gold and S&P 500 since 2012. It shows that these three traditional assets have been plunging almost 100,000%. Famous youtuber ‘The Moon’ in his recent  video on youtube remind  the audience about coming Bitcoin (BTC) halving in may.he said that Bitcoin(BTC) price will surge after the halving  and its attached with inflation in coming months to USA.  The moon carl channel also believe that in coming months Bitcoin(BTC) will reach $300,000-$400,000. Robert Art in his recent tweet believe that Bitcoin(BTC) bullaun is about to start soon, but on certain level it will drop  and price will crash. He furthermore said that Bitcoin is asset as other financial assets in the market. “Bitcoin appears in 2009. Right after 2008-2009 financial crisis. Stocks see the longest bull market in history for 11-12 years. Bitcoin follows suit. In 2020, stocks crash hard. Bitcoin follows suit. No correlation? The correlation is irrefutable.

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