Bitcoin Tests $7000 as Spot Trading Volumes Subside to Normal Levels

Bitcoin (BTC) Price has increased more than half percentage on Tuesday.  Before week bitcoin hit lowest figure for the weekend. According to the charts the crypto currency  10 day moving average on hourly charts where if any bullish signal bitcoin may b cross 7000$ level.




Bitcoin gain from 6800$ to 7000$ but changing between 6900$ to 7000$ “Yesterday’s drop seemed pretty manipulated but, as we’ve said before, these moves are more likely now as the liquidity has dried up significantly,” said Jack Tan, founding partner at Taiwan crypto trading firm Kronos Research.




 While bitcoin volume on USD/BTC exchanges such as bitext, balance and coin base have subsided to feb level after enjoying highest year on march. Its on traders situation now more volume will be in result of higher price where volume of overall cryptocurrency getting low on balance and coin base.










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