Crypto Billionaire Says Linkchain (LINK) will be next big Altcoin

Chainlink (LINK) is next potential coin and will become next big altcoin said Tyler Winklevoss, co-founder of New York-based crypto exchange Gemini. The bitcoin investor said that smart contract project is building on quality level with following that early BTC and Ethereum evangelists.He said: “I really appreciate the passion of the LINK Marines.

Their fervor and dedication reminds me of the early Bitcoin and Ethereum communities.Unlike many other crypto armies, they are dedicated to a project that has real promise and technical merit.”  He clear that he dont invest in LINK but he hope it will be fantastic and profitable prject in crypto market.Chainlink is based on project that provide simple way to take data and process on blockchain. Link performed best in 2019 as rise from 0.29$ to 1.80$ by end of December.  At higest rate of 4.95$ its crashed with rest of cryto market and currently trading on 3.47% with low of 1.64$..








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