crypto market bullish run imminent? expert views

The experts in Crypto market said the future of Bitcoin(BTC) Along with other cryptocurrency is bearish and bullish run in near future is not expected as due to world lockdown.

  However its first quarter of the year but Bitcoin(BTC) gain good may be its due to Halving announcement. Its quite normal that everyone in the world expecting good at beginner of new year. But sadly in reality whole world is under bad lockdown due to COVID-19 which definialty effect Bitcoin(BTC) and other cryptocurrencies badly However Bitcoin(BTC) price fall down to four thousand in Mid March 2020, but since last one week its again above seven thousand USD and keep resistance level at 7000$. But many experts have concern about Bitcoin(BTC) price due to halving.


There are many developments underway behind the scene about crypto assets. While many predict that later or sooner in 2020 the Bitcoin(BTC) price will hit 20,000 USD. Bitcoin still not changed its direction after March crash,  the experts believe that the bullish run is around. Bitcoin price will hit USD 10, 000 before may halving said Raoul Paul the bitcoin expert at Wall street. Some believe that in this time of lockdown economy hit badly but Bitcoin can help in the economy growth in times of lockdown. The bitcoin halving is coming in seventeen days and some experts still not believe that it will effect on bullish run for bitcoin.

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