Crypto market may see uptrend as reach historical point

The crypto market saw a great move when Bitcoin gained 7800$from 7000$ in a day.  Where other Altcoins also gain good in trading level.




The current movement of crypto market showing bullish trend if Bitcoin formed a trading between range of 6800$ and 7200$.Tezos lead the market by uptrend over last some weeks. where no sign of slowing down from current situation.




Tezo surge to 6% with current price at time of writing is 2.45$.The crypto market is doubled and Tezos is having some resistance at 2.50$.Traders and researches said that Bitcoin performance will be good in near future before halving.






If all signs get on point the Tezos will back to its March high against Bitcoin pair. In Start March price of Crypto coins down by all month low. But, since last 24 hours market is green which show good sign for future.  In order to maintain same level of uptrend Bitcoin to continue over strength.





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