Major Donations from Crypto industry to fight COVID-19

Crypto firms around the world joining hands for the COVID-19 donations, which expecting  highlights benefits of cryptocurrency as industry. All over the world medical staff Doctors, Nurses and paramedical staff fighting day and night against COVID-19.Here we will present you remarkable donation from cryptocurrency companies. Binnacle The CEO of crypto exchange known as world largest cryptocurrency exchange announced 1.5 million dollar donation to help the victims of coronavirus in Wuhan, China. Funds were transfer to Government of China to buy medical and food supply. Under the label of Binance for Wuhan” that kicked off by supplying 20,000 testing kits, 366,000 pairs of gloves, 5,280 bottles of hand sanitizer and 388 oxygen concentrates among other kinds of supplies. The company raising fund of 5$ dollar aimed to supply medical and food supplies to the world.



elen Hai, the head of Binance Charity, said that: “The most important element of human life is to show compassion and help others as we can, without the limitation or restriction of borders. ”Stellar Foundation In start of April 2020, the Steller foundation announced XLM donation project powered by Steller Lamenter hoppy. The donation of 79, 300$ which add 1.9 million XLM token included. The also raise funds for UNICEF France. Lauren Thorbjornsen, the director of communications and public relations at SDF, “The Stellar Development Foundation is fortunate to have XLM reserves and an active community. Combining the power of those two things, we’ve been able to work together to help organizations (UNICEF, The Tor Project, Heifer International, Wattis, Freedom of the Press and Women Who Code) that are creating vital change in the world. ”The Giving Block The given block technology accept cryptocurrency donations. The raised donation by matching $100,000 in Ether (ETH) on the Dai platform. Alex wilsen said: “We vet all of the nonprofits we work with to make sure they are legitimate and putting the funds to good use. All the crypto donations (BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, ZEC, GUSD) all go directly to the nonprofit’s wallets and can be converted to USD so they can use the funds on the front lines immediately. ”Ripple LabsRipple labs annouced donation of $200,000 end march. separate they raise fund of 1.1 million USD dedicated for coronavirus victims in United States. Company said in statement: “Ripple and its co-founder, Chris Larsen, have together donated $5 million to local food banks and meal service providers to combat food scarcity, and $1.1 million to the COVID-19 emergency funds of Tipping Point, an organization leading the local crisis response.”



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