Documentary Film on cryptocurrency and blockchain

Liliana Parthenia invested around $2,000 in late April 2017 with a friend to mine Ether.  Without having crypto degree and knowledge she went for more and more in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. She start google search on Blockchain , and finally she start explorer the content how blockchain and cryptocurrency work, after basic information she decided to create own documentary on Blochian and cryptocurrency.


She start journey with 30 interview from famous blockchain players. She always finding the way to get more about blockchain, she wanted to highlights women’s working on crypto and blockchain projects.She start her filming project but stuck due to non professional knowledge of film making, create data, process videos, language subtitles. Finally when all this goes smooth she caught up in the problem of Camera. The worst problem she faced is audio , where interview quality will compromise if audio quality is down so she need high quality mic for the project۔
The year of 2017 is trading year for Bitcoin, she film things to how cryptocurrency and blockchain works, she need to travel country to country for the project with large finance. In film on one point people only dancing in the night clun, no cryptocurrency or blockchain discussion on the table. A South korean company in interview told her about  their crypto project but she was unable to understand properly, she got worried that if herself not understand who she can expect that viewers will understand it ?.At final stage she sold her mining righ for 2000$ , as she fail to achieve what she expected from film.  the film is available on vemeo to watch on demand against 48 hour rent of 2.99 dollar.





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