Glassnode Data shown new investors in Bitcoin after july 2019

The Glassnode one of leading Blockchain data provider said that inrease in Bitcoin(BTC)  transactions after crash of mid March.
In statement company published on social media reveals that Bitcoin the leading cryptocurrency seeing increase from April 15th and April 22th over the past few months.

BTC addresses increased by 8.93% in the last week and by 19.47% in the last month.



Where transactions of Bitcoin (BTC) up by 5.10% from last week.The number of Bitcoin network addresses seen a huge inceased to level not seen since July 2019. Company said that its shown new investors entering into crypto market  after latest March crash.“This represents not only a recovery to pre-crash levels, but also a significant increase in activity as compared to the start of 2020.This spike in activity is to be expected due to the upcoming halving, as well as a revival in widespread retail interest in bitcoin.”






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