If A Couple Is Not Able to Have A Child Should They Seek Medical Help or Just to Pray to Allah?

Some people say that seeking medical help for this matter is not Acceptable in Islam, their point of view is that if its Allah’s will the baby will arrive one day, that is they say just to pray and ask from Allah. They say that in the history of prophets like Hazrat Ibrahim we can see that they just prayed to Allah so that it should work for us as well. But the Islamic scholars have shown no problem in taking medical help on this matter. They say as long as the method is acceptable in Islam there no problem. One should seek medical help as well as at the same time he/she should pray to Allah. It is given in the Quran that Allah tests his people with problems, this can be one of them so you should pray as much as you can but at the same time seek medical help. Using science for the betterment of life it not intolerable in Islam.


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