Amazon’s Jeff Bezos If buy all Bitcoin(BTC) in Market price will hit 1000,00 $ ?

Tone Vays,  is crypto trader and YouTuber  said in his recent video that Amazon 140$ Billion CEO cant afford every Bitcoin(BTC) in market. The Bitcoin(BTC) total market asset is 137$ billion,  which indicate they single Bitcoin(BTC)  price stay at 7500$ as per coin MarketCap.




In recent months only 18,343,537 BTC have circulated in the crypto market.  Where larger number of Bitcoin (BTC) holds on external online and offline crypto wallets for term long term. So, only certain number of Bitcoin(BTC) under trade on crypto market. Bitcoin is a very illiquid asset,” Vays said.



If Amazon CEO annouced today to buy all Bitcoin(BTC) they price of single Bitcoin(BTC) will go higher as everyone will run behind to buy Bitcoin(BTC). Vays explained the situation that suppose he 25% share of all market in Bitcoin(BTC) its will create panic in public that he can dump the Bitcoin(BTC) price at any moment. Similarly Amazon CEO want to do with Bitcoin(BTC). “He beleive if Amazon CEO try to this, the United States goverment will step in and stop him to buy even 25% of market Bitcoin(BTC) Philip Salter, Genesis Mining’s head of mining operations, also gave his opinion on the same hypothetical scenario on April 22.




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