Mahira Khan’s Video Viral in which She Is Talking on Women Rights

People now a days avoid talking on the topic of women rights. After Aurat March this topic has been on fire for past weeks. There has been a lot of clashes on Tv channels due to this topic.

Now Mahira Khan has come out and spoken for women rights, she has shared a video message in which she is talking on woman rights.


In the video she shared on social she said do you know there are many girls in today’s time which have no freedom? Even thoughwe are standing in 21st century, 1 girl in every three girls misses her school due to her periods, I am very happy that I am a part of “Always Azad” movement which helps encouraging girls, we all should become part of this movement.

Sharing a photo, she captioned darkness of nights fears… it will run away when sun will rise.

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