New Research Has Been Done On China’s Atmosphere By NASA

The world is under a big threat due to the corona virus. Economies have taken a big hit from it. Some countries have put a halt to their whole country and said everyone to stay at their homes. The industries have been closed, production of everything has been closed, import export has been stopped, flights have been cancelled. China is one of them countries to do so on a big scale.China is the biggest industrial country in the world, it alone provides over 25% of the products found on earth. Producing these products need immense energy and as a byproduct create large amount of pollution. When the china put halt to everything the energy requirements went down, the carbon foot print made by cars, planes went to zero, the heat and pollution created by factories went down. By doing all that the heat and pollution in the atmosphere of china has reduced dramatically. NASA has published the satellite images of before and after of the china’s atmosphere and the big difference can be seen clearly. This one good thing has come out of all this chaos.

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