New Survey found American holds Bitcoin to fight inflation

Paxful industry issued a new survey results where its indicate that Crypto currency holders in America hold bitcoin and they believe that its best alternate to traditional finance. The survey was conduct to know future of bitcoin holding and other crypto assets.



The survey highlights the bright future of bitcoin. The current pandemic have further effect on bitcoin holding where people invest more money into crypto currency. People in survey believe that in coming years crypto currency will play major role in financial services.  Major people said that crypto payments is better alternative to complex and costly money transfers. According to survey responses, the countries most fit to lead a payments revolution are the USA (64%), the UK (39%), Europe (30%), South East Asia (32%), and Africa (22%).


Paxful CEO said: “We have always believed that cryptocurrency and blockchain had the power to break down the barriers that prevented financial inequalities in emerging markets. We are now seeing those same practices and beliefs come to life among world superpowers and are excited to be a part of what will hopefully be the beginning of a new and improved financial system.





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