Develop own Cryptocurrency exchange with Tim Draper Firm Launches wp plugin

Santa Monica develop new WordPress plugin allow anyone to add trading features to their website in minutes and can create branded cryptocurrency exchange.

In press statement Venture studio said plugin can be used by any website owner from WordPress plugin. The plugin will make our dream to borderless world make true. Alon Goren – a founding partner of the firm and author of the plugin said that 40% of the worldwide websites using WordPress. After launching our plugin now anyone can develop their own cryptocurrency exchange. The plugin can be customized on any stage using API from crypto swaps tootle or others. The plugin have no facility to store crypto assets but can be compatible with other wallets like MetaMask, Brave and Coinbase Wallet.





WordPress was accepting bitcoin payment until 2015 but after lack of security and hackers attack they stopped it. “Tootle has always been focused on making decentralized exchanges more accessible and easy to use,” said David Bleznak, founder and CEO of Tootle. “The WordPress plugin is another step towards empowering global free markets.








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