Pakistan joins Amazon’s sellers list: But what good will it do Pakistan?

In just a few days, Amazon has added Pakistan to its sellers list. Due to this great success and progress, opportunities will also be available to Pakistani youth. He said that we are very happy that from today Pakistani business men and women will be able to sell their wares on Amazon.




We are confident that with the Pakistani business community. We look forward to working with you. We strive to work with small businesses as well, and to help connect with customers around the world. The very important question is that Pakistan did not have a name in the sellers list of Amazon before and will the inclusion of Pakistan in this list make a big difference in the commerce of Pakistan? The inclusion of Amazon in the sellers list can be a big change for Pakistan.

What items were decided to be included in the final list of Amazon sellers, knowing which Pakistani sellers changed a lot of items. Amazon, a company that started from Jeff Service’s garage in 1994, is one of the largest and most important technology companies of today. Before Amazon started work online selling books . After 27 years, Amazon has now become a multi-billion dollar company.



Not only books but all kinds of goods can be easily bought and sold from all over the world on Amazon. The dollar made a name for itself. It earned about 38% more revenue than in 2019 and made a name for itself by setting a new record. At present, Amazon’s sellers list includes about 104 countries around the world. Selling items easily. Now it comes down to why Pakistan was not on the list of first Imams. There were races for the Thessalonians under the auspices of the People’s Party. Items manufactured in Pakistan are copied very frequently Some people said that what Pakistani sellers show is not what they used to be. But ever since Pakistan’s name was listed on Amazon People are fast selling their wares on Amazon. They share that the item should be 100% real. If anyone buys any item of any kind, if it is written in the ripple that it is not the item. Will be removed After that the sellers will not be added to the list in any way.


The president of Amazon also said that he has a big step in Pakistan and Pakistan sellers are hopeful that he went to sell a good thing to people all over the world and from the bank. Receiving money directly from abroad, they easily went to sell all their goods from one country to another and carried out their work in accordance with all the laws of Amazon and no complaints of any kind would be allowed to be received.



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