The Actress Mahira Khan’s Pictures in Red Saree Trending on Social Media

Pakistan’s movie actress Mahira khan posted pictures of her in red saree on her Instagram account and people went crazy on it. Some said that she is looking very beautiful, some said she looks like angel, some said you look very pretty in red dress.

Mahira Khan is one of the finest actresses of the Pakistan film industry. She has a big fan following and her pics become trending whenever she posts them. She once said in her interview that she is very sensitive and become sad if she see’s injustice.

She thanked the people who criticize her as well as her fans, she said both these things keep her going and help her moving forward, she doesn’t care about the criticism anyway. Recently a list of most beautiful woman all over the world was published and she came 18th on the list. She recently won award of the best actress on the Pakistan Screen National awards.

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