US official new sensations on North Korea Crypto

“We strongly urge governments, industry, civil society and individuals to take all relevant actions Future planning included implementation of anti money laundering law and regulations for crypto currency following North Korean IT farms.
In past Wanna Cry ransomware attack infected thousands of computers across United states and asking ransom in Cryptocurrency. S was blaim North Korea for this attack. The US officials have zero tolerance policy for North Korea Crypto development.

Virgil Griffith, an Ethereum developer, was indicted in early 2020 for attending a North Korean crypto conference where he is accused of describing how blockchain systems can be used to evade sanctions. North Korea denied all allegations and said its nasty game.



UThe U.S. departments of State, Treasury and Homeland Security plus the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) argued that cutting the Hermit Kingdom’s money flow .They said billions of dollars since last 2 years including 1.5 billion of crypto will be used for weapons of mass destruction.







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