What is blockchain? When did it start? And what country did it create?

What is blockchain? A lot of people nowadays don’t know about it yet but today we went to provide all the information about it which will tell you that What are the benefits of cryptocurrency and digital currency which is completely banned by the Pakistani government. You cannot use these currencies in a Pakistani bank.





Now we tell you when these currencies started. Five to six years ago today, in 2014, the Chinese in a secret place in the western part of their country. He started such a currency and decided to create a currency. To whom The name bitcoin was put in place. But making it was not an easy task because it required a lot of electricity, energy and dozens of computers. Given these needs. The Chandels got power for their project with the help of a very local government official with the help of Hyd Power Plant. It was hoped that in the future, the bitcoin would surpass not only the dollar and all the world’s currencies, but in today’s world, the value of the bitcoin is higher than all other currencies. And people can’t easily get this currency in the banks of which the Chinese created a bank and put it online. With the help of which people who had bitcoin currency can easily send it to any bank in their country.





It should be noted that keeping bitcoin in Pakistan is a crime. But with the help of Blockchain, you can convert your bitcoin currency into Pakistani Rupees and Dollars and easily send it to your existing bank. On which the government of Pakistan cannot impose any bank ban again. You can buy and sell all the currencies you have on blockchain easily. There is no ban on blockchain of any kind.  You can buy currency whenever you want and keep your currency strong in blockchain. For this we have to create an account on blockchain. And with the help of pass word you can view your blockchain account at any time.



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